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I am Anthony, a long time "jelqer" who knows the ins and outs of jelqing. I set this page to hlep my fellow jelqers achieve the best possible results with jelqing.

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nNatural Penis enlargement

Jelquing is an exercise key to natural penis enlargement system. Many have reported bigger, harder erections through the exercise, some men adding up to two or more inches in length and girth. To achieve these benefits, the exercise should be done for 5-20 minutes a day 2-5 days a week with a proper warm up and cool down.

It is basically a "milking" like motion.

The penis is composed of 50 percent smooth tissue and muscle and can be exercised on the same principle as any muscle through the process of "controlled damage" and rebuilding to achieve size. Just like in gym, when we "tear" our muscle by lifting weights or "resistance exercise" and then rest or take protein to rebuild the muscle and the muscle grows, similarly we can make the "penis" grow, the most important muscle in the body.

Once the penis is warmed up, the "milking"-like motion of the exercise works by forcing blood through the penis. This force creates micro tears in the smooth tissue. Here is a basic 4 step routine -

To warm up, wrap a warm towel around the penis, take a hot shower, use a heating pad, a warmed up rice-filled sock or a Bathmate penis pump. Many have added the Bathmate penis pump to their routine and have reported increased success with its addition to their jelquing routine.

Other notes

  • LUBRICATE: Lubrication of your penis is crucial. It can be done with body oil, vaseline, Enlargel, or another penis lubricant.
  • ERECTION LEVEL: An erection level of 50 – 80 percent is ideal for jelqing. This leaves room for the blood to gush into it. Jelqing exercises with a full erection may lead to damage.
  • OK-GRIP: (see the image above).
  • START AT BASE: Grip around the base of your penis
  • MOVE UP: The idea beind the milking motion is to push blood up the penis.
  • STOP BEFORE GLANS: Stop the grip exactly before your glans. That is one jelq and it should take approximately 2 to 3 seconds.

Just like exercise, the results and period before noticing any gains vary. Depending on the time and effort of the routine as well as physiology of the performer, noticeable results vary from a few weeks to a few months as reported. Penis exercise professionals and forums on the internet document the varying results in achieving the penis exercising goals.

To be honest, it's difficult to guess how well the jelqing routines will work for someone because everyone is different.

However, some people have benefited immensely with jelqing just as for some people into bodybuilding, results come in easily even with light exercise and not so easily for others. However, in order to maintain your results, light exercise is always required. This light exercise might be as simple as achieving an erection for some people. Use it or lose it.

While medical institutions have not devoted research to studying the success of jelquing routines in men, many certified professionals have taken this task on. Dr. Richard Howard and thousands of men who practice a dedicated jelquing routine have reported much success.

The best thing about jelqing is that if it works, it works permanent. So, results are permanent but you have to keep doing the exercise at least once a week. That is my experience.

So, let's talk about my experiene.

First off, getting real significant results with jelqing is tough, I mean really tough. Let that sink in. No matter, what you read on the internet or what those sex gurus or penis enlargement programs selling people have to tell you, it aint easy and straightforward enlarging your penis. I mean, the "science" is proven and sound but the "application" isn't something reliable. After wasting like 3 months on a workout routine program I bought over the internet, and gaining not more than half an inch I finally realized it.

So, what did I miss?

I researched on penis enlargement, male sexual mechanisms, the anatomy, the endocrine system - all of it. I desperately wanted to increase my dick size comprehensively, no matter what.

A lot of websites out there keep on stating that "It's all in the psychology, in your mind" and that "Actually, you are just perfectly NORMAL size", or that you really "don't need to increase it" but NOT many sites out there are going to tell you a secret that I found out after many setbacks.

Secret #1

That secret is "Your mind controls the size of your penis."

It may sound extremely awk-weird to some, but that is true, at least in my experience.

I had been a sufferer of clinical depression in the past and I don't know if you know but depression shrinks penis size. Some scientific studies on the role of hormones like "cortisol" (which has mostly negative effect on penis size) and "dopamine" (which has a positive effect on penis size) have confirmed this.

When I was researching on what makes your penis bigger for real, I came across an interesting observation that "People having highest form of some "political" power have highest amounts of dopamine, be him an American president or Genghis Khan". And most politically powerful people are involved in some kinds of sexual scandals. A documentary on Discovery channel noted that there are more than 10 million people in the world having a gene of Genghis Khan.

So, apparently the same hormone which causes you to have motivation also has something to increase your sexual prowess.

The dicks of politically powerful are bigger and uncontrollable.

I also recalled that when I took an L-dopa supplement, which is supposed to increase "dopamine" naturally in your body, the flaccid size of my penis increased. I took that supplement when I was suffering from depression. I also took another prescription drug called Rasagiline that also increases dopamine by other mechanism.

So, it became clear to me that I had to increase dopamine in my body. I found another supplement Mucuna Puriens (it's also called natural L-dopa and is way more effective than L-dopa) which has had the best effect on me in increasing dopamine uptill now. I like taking Mucuna Puriens in the form of Vigrx Plus, an all natural multi-ingredient pill that increases not just dopmaine but also testosterone and is great for penis enlargement. It even takes care of the cortisol.

It even increases your "Human growth hormone" which is what you need to "grow" the penile tissue. This is just not some other lame penis enlargement pill, it's a class apart stuff. I know what I am saying. And this product had undergone a clinical study in which it was proven to increase penis size.

Secret #2

The other secret is a "Hydromax suction device for jelqing" that I've been using to enhance blood flow in the penis, I use it in morning and perform jelqing exercise in the evening. It's amazingly powerful and has increased my "flaccid" size and girth comprehensively.

Its technology is amazing and does a great job in "tearing" the penile tissue so the cells become bigger in size.


Using these 2 products along with my jelqing routine has shown me the best results. I am longer by 2.5-3 freaking inches. My penis length keeps on fluctuating depending on if I am regular with my jelqing exercises or not. But I've seen permanent enlargement results.

Here is my final advice:-

1. Be happy. Stop feeling pressurized. That is the key to success with jelqing. You got to be relaxed or otherwise your anxiety or stress or "depressing" hormones will mess it up and your efforts will go in vain. If you're already anxious or suffering from depression like I did, you definitely need Vigrx Plus anyways, so you should get it. It has some really powerful ingredients.

2. Stick to your jelqing routine. Just go with it as explained without caring for the results. Measure yourself with a ruler only once a week, at the starting of the week. Motivation is important. But, leave out the anxiety.

3. While jelqing is done at around 50-80% of your erection level, a penile suction "device for jelqing" can enhance the length of your 100% erection. This has an effect on your erect length, flaccid length and the girth.

So, that's it. Using these tips will give you the best jelqing results. Period.

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